Orthodox Life at Brooklyn

Though largely a commuter school, approximately half of Brooklyn College’s 3,000-student undergraduate Jewish population is Orthodox. There, OU-JLIC and the OC work together to provide the community with positive Orthodox experiences.

The OC, the Orthodox Club at Brooklyn

The Orthodox Club at Brooklyn has a board which meets to organize events for Orthodox Jews on campus. There are five elected officials in the club, as well as volunteers who work on different projects. The Hillel board is predominantly Orthodox as well.

Find out more about the OC at their Facebook page, facebook.com/Orthodox.Club.

Brooklyn Hillel

The Brooklyn College Hillel seeks to strengthen Jewish identity among the college’s Jewish students. This is done through a variety of programs and Jewish learning opportunities that are offered to students. Programs aim to develop students’ commitment to Israel, to increase understanding both between Jewish groups and between Jews and others and to foster a climate of tolerance through a pluralistic outlook. The Hillel offers Jewish learning opportunities as well as cultural, recreational and religious experiences. Additionally, the BC Hillel seeks to cultivate students’ participation in social action and to give them the tools to make a difference in the world subsequent to their college experience.

The Hillel building is the largest Hillel facility at a New York campus and features:
• a Kosher cafeteria
• an auditorium
• a recreation room with big screen TV
• a study lounge
• a chapel/synagogue

Find out more at the Brooklyn College Hillel website.


While there isn’t a regular Shabbat atmosphere at Brooklyn College because most students commute, the action is at the Boshnack’s apartment. With guests from other places, as well as “the regulars,” the Boshnacks easily host 20 at every meal. The food is great and the atmosphere always festive. Several times a semester everyone and their friends come down for an oneg Shabbos, packing more people than you thought possible into their apartment.

During spring and fall, about 30 people join the Boshnacks as they see shabbos out for Seuda Shelishis and Havdalah.

Kosher Dining

In its own section of the cafeteria, Brooklyn College provides dairy food under National Kosher Supervision. In addition, Brooklyn Hillel hosts Subsational, a meat option open from late mornings until late at night, supervised by Kehilla Kashrus, and there are many kosher restaurants close to campus.

Housing at Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College is a commuter campus and students typically live at home or in student apartments.

Most students at Brooklyn College live at home, which is often reasonably close to campus. Some travel via public transportation from various boroughs in New York, with a few from as far as New Jersey or Far Rockaway, New York. These students often rent apartments in the Brooklyn area.